Some more beanies I made last winter from another design

purple and green beanieblue purple and orange beanie


Here are two beanies I made from another design, from Sarah Arnold,“Divine Hat”.  When I made these beanies, I had not known how to do front post double crochet before.  I taught myself from a book on how to do this stitch.  This stitch can also be found in a previous recent post of the cushion I made with the nine circles and white background.  I am left handed, so that’s why my ridges go the opposite direction to what I saw in the pattern, as I crochet from left to right instead of right to left.  I used Cleckheaton California 8 ply yarn. It wasn’t like 8 ply yarn at all though, more like 10 or 12 ply.  I had to use a 5 mm hook for the ribbing and 6 mm hook for the body, that’s how thick the California yarn was.  I made the bottom beanie first, and the purple and green beanie second. I prefer the purple and green beanie to wear as it suits me better.