Crochet Freeform Vest – front view

Crochet Freeform Vest by Joanne Pedro front

This is the front view of the crochet freeform vest that I made.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Lots of red, purple and green, colours I like, and other colours too feature in the vest.  To get the shape and size, I made a paper template out of large cartridge paper, a few pieces together, and following this template I was able to get the right shapes for the armholes and fronts and back. The yarns range from synthetics to 100% wool and other fibres.


Crochet Freeform Vest – back view

Crochet Freeform Vest by Joanne Pedro back

This is the back view of my crochet freeform vest which I made.  I started making it a few years ago, then abandoned it, then decided it was time to get it done and I finished it.  I am very happy with the results.  I love red, purple and green and these colours feature in the vest.  It didn’t cost anything to make as I have collected these yarns, leftover from other projects.