Another crochet triangle cushion

crochet cushion 2crochet cushion 1

This time, I made one for myself, out of leftovers from the other two cushions I made for my parents and a cardigan I also made for myself.  Made from Patons Regal Cotton 4 ply. I made my cushion from ‘Modern Crochet’, a pattern book from Patons, the pattern is called ‘Triangles Cushion’.


Triangles Cushions

I made these two cushions as a present for my parents for their sofas.  The pattern is called ‘Triangles Cushion’.  It came from ‘Modern Crochet’, a leaflet from Patons.  The cushion was crocheted in the suggested yarn by Patons, which was called Patons Regal 4 ply cotton 50 gram balls, using a 3.00 mm hook and a 40 cm x 40 cm cushion insert.  The colours I chose were different to the ones in the leaflet as I wanted to match my parent’s new rug that they have on their living room floor. I am happy with the results, and so are my parents.

Back of cushion – made for a friend


This is the other side of the cushion I made for a friend’s birthday.  I wanted to make the back different to the front for variety,  so that it can be displayed differently on either side.  I also left one side open and made buttonholes and sewed clear, small buttons on to close up the cushion.  This is so the cushion cover can be unbuttoned and washed if desired. I used the same colours in these stripes as I did on the front.

Bright, happy cushion with circles

crochet cushion with fpc crochetcrochet cushion with fpc crochet other sidecrochet cushion other angleI joined Pinterest last year and saw a crocheted cushion pinned to a board I was following which I was impressed with.  I needed to make a cushion for our lounge which we have here in Auckland, as we didn’t have any cushions at that stage, and when I saw that particular image of the cushion, I wanted to make it. It was so cute!  I saw it was originally made by someone called riavandermeulen on Flickr through the Pinterest post and she has a whole range of very cleverly made and bright cushions which I thought were fantastic.  Another reason I wanted to make it was I had recently taught myself to make fpdc, (front post double crochet), when making a beanie from a pattern I found online.  I’ve taught myself every crochet stitch apart from single/double crochet.  I found this stitch to be very effective and attractive with its raised effect, and in this pattern it looks like a star shape within the circles.  The cushion I saw on Pinterest had more colours in it but I stuck with less colours here, as the cushion was big enough without making it bigger (although I love a lot of colour).  I used Shepherd’s Very Crafty Yarn which is 100% wool.  I like this yarn and I am currently making something else with it.