Bag made out of Noro Taiyo sock yarn

noro taiyo sock bag 2noro taiyo sock bag 1
I made this bag out of Noro Taiyo sock yarn which was intended for another project which didn’t work out, so I unravelled the yarn from that project and made this bag instead.  I saw bags made in this design online before but didn’t have the pattern. I worked out how to make it myself from viewing images of finished bags online.  I made 13 granny squares and joined them together, and figured out how to make the strap myself.  I lined the bag with more of the red and white polka dot fabric I had for the bag in the previous post.  It is a very light bag, and it is very cute!


Blue, red and yellow cotton bag

cotton blue, red and yellow bag

I made this blue, red and yellow cotton bag out of cotton from Morris and Sons yarn from the Sydney shop of the same name before I went to Auckland.  I used a pattern for the squares from the book I used to make my multicoloured blanket of squares, Jan Eaton’s “200 Crochet Blocks”.  From memory, as I do not have the book with me in New Zealand, the pattern was called “Solid Square”.  After making eight squares, I joined them and then made a strap, and I lined the bag with poplin in a red and white small polka dot pattern.  I put a huge red button on the bag as an enclosure.  I enjoyed using this cotton as it has really bright, vivid colours and it is of good quality.  I think this bag is a lot of fun, and it was equally good fun to make!

Flower Blossom Purse

flower blossom purse 2flower blossom purse 1


This little bag is from a pattern called “Flower Blossom Purse”, by Yoko Hatta, from the book “Crochet Noro – 30 Dazzling Designs”.  I used Noro Kureyon 256, the same colour as in the original design. I wanted to take more photos of the bag, but it’s now in Sydney, Australia, when I brought it over recently, and I am in Auckland, New Zealand, so I cannot take any more pictures of it!  I wanted to take some more as I thought the colours didn’t come out quite right in these photos, they should have been more of a warm, orange tone.  I ran out of Noro Kureyon before it was finished, so the straps are a little bit narrower and also I had to finish them with left over Noro Silk Garden from the Amelia hat project.  It was so cute, I lined the bag with fabric with a print of crochet hexagons on it, which you can’t see here, but I will take photos of the fabric a little bit later when I make something with the rest of it. I will be putting up pictures of another two bags soon and more crocheted items I made.