Some more beanies I made last winter from another design

purple and green beanieblue purple and orange beanie


Here are two beanies I made from another design, from Sarah Arnold,“Divine Hat”.  When I made these beanies, I had not known how to do front post double crochet before.  I taught myself from a book on how to do this stitch.  This stitch can also be found in a previous recent post of the cushion I made with the nine circles and white background.  I am left handed, so that’s why my ridges go the opposite direction to what I saw in the pattern, as I crochet from left to right instead of right to left.  I used Cleckheaton California 8 ply yarn. It wasn’t like 8 ply yarn at all though, more like 10 or 12 ply.  I had to use a 5 mm hook for the ribbing and 6 mm hook for the body, that’s how thick the California yarn was.  I made the bottom beanie first, and the purple and green beanie second. I prefer the purple and green beanie to wear as it suits me better.



  1. Crazy! I was searching for an unrelated pattern on Google Images, and came across the top picture, which is the spitting image of a hat I just made from the Divine Hat pattern! I actually thought it was my image until I came on here and saw that it was made in 2014. I used Katia Polaris yarn which has the same colour repeats as the wool you used. Anyway, hi and your blog looks cool, and we have hats that are almost identical, LOL. 😛

    1. The Divine Hat pattern is also excellent. I am currently making a hat based off the same increase pattern, but entirely FPDC. It looks like knitting!

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